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Welcome to designbyCAF, my portfolio and blog site. My name is Christopher A. French. I am a Creative Design Graduate with experience within the product, furniture and interior design sectors. However, I see myself as more than a designer. I like to think of myself as a Creative Explorer.

My interests cover all areas of the creative industries: including design but widening to Architecture, Art, Film and Theatre, Music and Technology. I have a huge appetite and curiosity for learning and continue to enjoy trying and experimenting with new ideas. in design and arts management and creating platforms to develop and conserve them for people to find and enjoy. I am a creative thinker with high ambitions in design and arts management creating platforms to develop and conserve them for people to find and enjoy.

I hope to combine my skills to aid in producing work that has an impact on people’s lives whether that is on an intimate, personal or on a more public level. I aim to provide people with opportunities to feel appreciation and learn from their possessions, environment and daily lives.

I am currently on the lookout for employment opportunities with all areas of the Arts sector with a special focus on developing a career within a multi-arts organisation focussing on making the Arts more accessible and encouraging a greater interest from enthusiasts and the public alike.

Please have a browse through my work and leave a comment if you see anything you like. You can get in touch and 'estalk' me via the links to the left. You can also download my Resumé through the links below.